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Dakota Johnson is ‘Excited’ To Meet New Leading Man

While she and Charlie definitely had chemistry, Dakota Johnson is eager to find out who her new Christian Grey will be, has learned.

At first Dakota Johnson, 24, was sad that Charlie Hunnam wouldn’t be playing her dominant in the film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey, but she’s actually now helping the producers find a new Christian Grey!

“For Dakota, she was sad that Charlie had to back out but she is very excited to see who will take the role,” a source in the industry told exclusively. ”She is in constant contact with producers and the studio and she is very willing to help out in any way and is looking forward to do readings with everyone who is available for the role. She is taking things well since she is still a part of the film.”

Charlie, 33, dropped out of the film after getting cold feet, a source close to the Sons of Anarchy star confirmed to Additionally, he wasn’t yet ready for the fame that was going to come with the daring role.

Meanwhile, Dakota is still 100 percent in the film.

“Dakota earned the role and she shouldn’t be worried right now. The only time she will have to worry, if at all, is if they hire someone that has no chemistry with her,” a source told us. “But they are casting the actor with her in mind.”

Charlie Hunnam leaves ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

So, Charlie Hunnam has officially dropped out of Fifty Shades of Grey.

The studio’s statement makes it seem as though he had ‘scheduling issues’ because he’s such a busy actor, but let’s be real – the only thing he has going on is Sons of Anarchy. Unofficially, The Hollywood Reporter’s sources also admitted that Charlie was actually intimidated by the amount of attention he received after being cast, and he got cold feet.

This is interesting because movies of this scale always have complicated contracts involved, and his dropping out isn’t going to just affect him – it’s also going to affect his leading lady, Dakota Johnson. Dakota was always someone the studio was interested in because she was a fresh face, but one of the biggest reasons she was cast was because of her chemistry with Charlie. Fifty Shades of Grey is purely a love story with lots of sex, and without chemistry, the film isn’t going to work. And is Christian Grey, the object of millions of women’s wet dreams, or Anastasia Steele, the object of his affections, more important to the movie?

Obviously, it’s Christian Grey. To the studio and the fans, Christian Grey is a bigger priority. The fan base for the books and films consists almost primarily of women, and to them, it’s way more important that Christian Grey be gorgeous than Anastasia. Why do you think fans were so willing to protest, sign petitions, and boycott the film if Charlie wasn’t replaced?

The studio and filmmakers are probably scrambling to replace him right now, and that means that Dakota will pray for chemistry with the next frontrunner for the role! Fingers crossed.

“Just make me do the dishes when I go home”

Dakota Johnson, daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, recently landed the highly coveted lead role in Universal’s adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” out next year, and her famous mother is opening up to “omg! Insider” for the first time about Dakota landing the coveted role.

When speaking with correspondent Keltie Knight at The Best in Drag Show benefiting Aid for AIDS on Sunday, the 56-year-old actress revealed that Dakota, 24, is not nervous at all to play Anastasia Steele.

“She is not the type to get scared,” Griffith told “omg! Insider” on the red carpet. “She has never been that way. When she was two she was not scared. So, she knows what she’s doing and she’s really clear and really happy and it’s just — it’s a joy to see her [right now].”

Given the popularity of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the film is likely going to catapult Dakota into mainstream success. Although she’s had supporting roles in films including “21 Jump Street” and starred in the short-lived TV show “Ben and Kate,” the actress has yet to become a tabloid fixture. With notoriety surely around the corner, Dakota apparently only had one request to her famous mother.

“I mean it’s all very — the only thing she said was, ‘Please just make me do the dishes when I go home. I want everything to stay really normal,'” Melanie revealed. “I mean, she’s really got her head on her shoulders. It’s really nice.”

So has Melanie seen her daughter start practicing for the role?

“No, no. She’s very mysterious,” Griffith replied. “It’s not like that’s something she would do.”

Happy 24th Birthday Dakota

Happy birthday, Dakota! The Fifty Shades Actress turns 24 today.

Shopping with mom Melanie Griffith

Dakota was just spotted at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City with mom Melanie Griffith, and seemed to be on the hunt for some posh skin care solutions. The pretty pair spent considerable time in the cosmetics department and ended up splurging big time at the Orlane Paris counter—$3,000, to be exact!

While most of us could never afford to drop that kind of moola on a few jars of moisturizer, it’s clearly just a drop in the bucket for this pretty pair. Wondering what the mother-daughter duo took home with them? Their luxurious beauty loot included plenty of pricey products including the hydrating serum, super moisturizing light cream and Vivifying cleanser, just to name a few.

One thing’s for sure, the young star’s skin is going to look better than ever on the big screen. And all dollar signs aside, we still think it’s totally adorable that they share a close bond and we’re betting that the beautiful 23-year-old is learning lots from her successful (and stylish!) mother right about now.

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