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What’s your signature make-up look when you go out?
Little sparkles on my eyes and maybe a bit of lipstick. Occasionally I’ll do a crazy dark eye but it really depends on my mood.

What’s your favourite store in LA?
If l were to go on a shopping spree, I’d have to go to Schaeffer’s Garment Hotel — it’s only been open for a month and it is legitimate, restored vintage clothing. It’s owned by Robert Schaeffer and he takes original pieces and fixes them up into more fashionable styles.

Do you have a particular style?
I don’t think so — it tends to change almost every day. But I do love comfy, soft things.

Are you influenced by vintage pieces?
Definitely, our apartment has art and vintage music posters everywhere. One of my favourite purchases was a pair of women’s vintage boots.

Are you into designer labels?
Not really. If I see something I really like, if it’s affordable and a good move then yeah I’ll buy it. I really like New York label Rogan — I have this amazing pair of gloves from there.

What are you listening to on your iPod?
I went to the Laneway Festival and I hadn’t heard of Mumford & Sons before and then I saw them play live and, it was just so cool — everyone was dancing! I also really like The Middle East, Grizzly Bear and Alberta Cross.

Your boyfriend Noah Gersh plays guitar in a band. If you were in a band what would you play?
I’d sing!

Finally, what is the best advice you have ever been given?
A friend of mine said to me, “Jesus said don’t lie and don’t do what you hate.” I’m pretty into that — I don’t lie and I don’t hate.

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