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HOMETOWN: Austin, Tens.

CURRENTLY LIVES: West Hollywood, California.

PARENTING SKILLS: Now and Then (1995) with my mom [Melanie Griffith] is one of those movies that every girl loves. I watch it all the time. And then, I was very aware when my dad [Don Johnson] was filming Nash Bridges. and you know Miami Vice  is funny.

WORKING GIRL: My Morn is pretty hands-off. We have completely separate careers. She is my friend, but she basically lets me do whatever I need to do.

MODELING GIG: I work with Mango every once in a while. But it was never what I really loved. It was always just having fun and paying the bills.

UPCOMING PROJECTS: I have a movie called Beastly coming out in July 2010. It’s a very alive, teenage version of Beauty and the Beast. And then I’m in The Social Network with Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake. It’s about how Facebook started.

TECHNOLOGICAL. SKILLS: I don’t know how to Twitter.

VICES: I have moments of intense immaturity – and Yogurtland. It’s like Pinkberry but much better.

THEME SONG TO YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW: Lately, rye been hearing the Curb Your Enthusiasm opening music in my head when I’m driving around.

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