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Fifty Shades Of Grey ‘Sequel Moving Ahead’

The first Fifty Shades of Grey movie may not be out until next February but according to new inside reports, Universal are so convinced of box office success that they’re already forging ahead with the sequel.

The first movie based on EL James’ smash hit novel wrapped shooting back in February, with the Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson starring flick hitting cinemas on Valentine’s Day week 2015.

Thanks to the huge fan base surrounding James’ novel, Universal are said to be making plans for a second movie based on the book Fifty Shades Darker.

Tracking Board report that the studio “is actively moving ahead” with the new movie. With the first film expected to easily make back its estimated $40 million budget, it’s not a huge surprise that the studio wants to cash in and get cracking on another potential money spinner.

Interestingly the site report that the new movie is currently an “open writing assignment (OWA)” which means that the hunt for a new writer is on.

Kelly Marcel adapted the first novel for the big screen but then both Patrick Marber and Mark Bomback were hired to polish up the script, but this time around it looks like Universal want to bring in fresh talent.

According to the report, none of the cast has officially signed on for the follow-up and director Sam Taylor-Johnson is not a certain return either. Kristin Lowe will be back as an executive, and dream team Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti will still be producing though, says the insider.

Surely Jamie and Dakota will be back as Christian and Anastasia? The two leads have already gained a huge following among FSOG fans, even before the first footage from the movie is released. It would be plain wrong to introduce another Ana and Christian for a second movie.

Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

The wait is over. Well, nearly.

Fifty Shades of Grey fans will be pleased to hear that today we can cross another milestone off our countdown list – the official trailer release date has been announced.

Soon we will get our first glimpse of what Jamie Dornan’s Christian Grey looks like in the flesh, as the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer WILL PREMIER ON NBC-TV’S TODAY SHOW. Eek!

Universal Studios will release the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer in two feature segments on 24 & 25 July, and we’re sure it won’t be long before they’re all over the internet for all to enjoy.

Stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will also appear in an in-studio interview on 24 July, introducing the trailer and answering questions from the Today show anchors.

There will also be interview contributions from Fifty Shades author E L James and director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

It’s all suddenly feeling very real…

The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer will start running in US movie theaters on Friday, July 25 with the movie ‘Lucy’, which stars Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. The film itself airs on Valentine’s day 2015.

Dakota Johnson’s Won’t Watch Fifty Shades of Grey

Don Johnson, the father of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” lead actress Dakota Johnson, said he won’t watch his daughter’s film.

Johnson, who is popularly known for playing the lead role in the 1980s television series “Miami Vice,” recently appeared in “Good Morning Britain” and shared his thoughts about his daughter’s upcoming controversial movie.

For the 64-year-old actor, his decision to skip his daughter’s film has nothing to do with her racy scenes. He doesn’t want to watch it simply because he’s not interested in seeing it, according to Yahoo News.

“I probably will not see it just because it’s not a movie I would see,” Johnson said.

“I’ve never seen ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ I’ve never seen ‘Twilight,'” he added. “It’s in a category of films that I just wouldn’t be interested in.”
Despite expressing his disinterest in the film, Johnson is confident in his daughter’s acting abilities.

Given that their family is composed of showbiz veterans, he believes she has the talent to turn the controversial role she was given into something that will be praised by both critics and moviegoers

Apart from her father, Dakota’s mother, Melanie Griffith, is an Academy Award-winning actress. Her grandfather, the late Peter Griffith, was a former child actor while her grandmother Tippi Hedren is a former model and Golden Globe-winning actress, according to Cinema Blend.

“This is the family business,” he said. “This is what we do, and I am absolutely certain that Dakota will take a piece of material and a character which a lot of people might imagine could be inappropriate in some ways and turn it into something spectacular.”

For him, “Fifty Shades of Grey” will just be the start of his daughter’s rise in Hollywood, ABC News reported.

“Speaking like a proud father and also a seasoned professional, I can tell you that she is a gifted, gifted actress and this will just be one part in a long line of tremendous performances in her career,” he said.

The film, which is based on E.L. James’ novel of the same name, is scheduled to hit theaters on Feb. 13, 2015.

Rita Ora found Dakota Johnson distracting on set

Anastasia Steele and Ora plays Christian Grey’s sister Mia in the upcoming movie adaptation of the best-selling book. Ora told MTV News, “She’s just so gorgeous and it kind of distracts you a little bit. But I mean, she’s an amazing actress so I’m learning things from her.” ”It’s all a good time, you don’t want to work under a pressured environment, especially when you’re making something creative. I would do it all over again.”

Ora also commented on how she prepared for her role, “It was a good learning curve for me, I prepped for the role by learning some French first of all, by learning an American accent and by really just not being me. I had a brown wig on and I was being the smart girl that came from French school to see her family.”

Fifty Shades of Grey is set for release on Valentine’s Day, 2015.

Fifty filming over half way completed?

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is already over halfway done with filming, and we’re sure it’s building towards a messy, climactic finish! According to the film’s producer, Michael Deluca, not only has the shooting already gotten hot and heavy, but that some serious sparks are flying between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson:

“It’s hot. I think we are a little more than halfway through but it’s going really good. I’m excited!…The chemistry is there, they genuinely like each other. They’re enjoying the story, the story is so powerful.”

Meanwhile, another source revealed that the two have filmed a majority of their sex scenes together, and are really hitting it off!

Filming Fifty Shades Jan 16th 2014

Sorry for the lack of updates guys! We have added x90 photos of Dakota filming “Fifty Shades of Grey” and we will be catching up with some other new additions over the next week!


Dakota Johnson Enjoys Quality Time With Boyfriend And Mum Melanie Griffith

Dakota Johnson has been busy shooting scenes for the biggest movie of her life in recent weeks, but the actress has enjoyed some well deserved time off from the Fifty Shades of Grey set over Christmas, spending time in Aspen with her family and boyfriend Jordan Masterson.

The actress was spotted taking in the sights in the picturesque ski resort this week, with Aspen attracting a whole host of celebs in the run up to New Year’s Eve, including the Kardashian family and Mariah Carey.

Dakota looked relaxed and happy to be catching up with her close-knit family as she strolled with her mum, actress Melanie Griffith, and her siblings Stella and Alexander after celebrating Christmas together.

The whole family were bundled up warm for their outing with Dakota looking chic in a padded jacket, knee high boots and a fedora hat. Melanie meanwhile wrapped up in a furry coat and jeans.

The whole family, including Melanie’s husband Antonio Banderas and Dakota’s boyfriend Jordan Masterson are in Aspen for the holidays, with actor Jordan spotted chatting with Melanie and his long-term love on the snowy outing.

Jordan’s inclusion in the family Christmas comes as reports emerge that he has been getting jealous of Dakota’s steamy new role opposite Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades.

Dakota has been in Vancouver with Jamie, director Sam Taylor Johnson and the rest of the cast and crew for much of December as filming gets underway for the big screen adaptation of El James’ smash hit novel.

According to Star magazine, Jordan isn’t comfortable with his girlfriend’s new level of fame thanks to the movie: “The attention she is getting bugs him,” the source claimed.

A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop though that the report is “completely false” and judging by Jordan’s presence in Aspen it looks as though these two are still going strong.

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