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Nov 2014

Later today, the Second Trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey will hit the internet. You can watch it via this livestream link and check below for your Time Zone. We will be sure to add HD Screencaps ASAP too!

– 8.10pm: Mexico, Ecuador.
– 9.40pm: Venezuela.
– 9.10pm: Canada (Ottawa), USA (NYC), Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Colombia.
– 12.10am: Brazil, Argentina (Buenos Aires).
– 2.10am: England, Ireland.
– 3.10am : France, Spain, Germany, SA, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Slovenia.
– 4.10am: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Bulgaria, Israël.
– 5.10am: Russia (Moscou), United Arab Emirates.
– 7.10am: Pakistan.
– 7.40am: India.
– 9.10am: Indonesia, Thailand.
– 10.10am: Philipines, Singapore, China (Honk Kong).
– 11.10am: Japan.
– 1.10pm: Australia (Melbourne).

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